Office Water Supply: Essential things to consider before you decide

stainless steel water cooler

In Singapore’s humid weather outdoors and dry weather indoors, one realizes that adequate amount of water is required to remain healthy and hydrated. Office workers, who typically stay indoors, need clean, safe and sufficient amount of water within their reach.  As an employer, its important to look after the health of your employees as well as remain environmentally friendly.

Although tap water in Singapore is safe to consume, corporates & SME’s typically rely on treated  water by means of  hot & cold water dispensers or packaged water…satiating water needs of its employees in the best possible form.

As an Office Administrator or a Business Owner this often raises a dilemma in deciding the most suitable way of providing water to the staff. So, in this post we’ll attempt to remove the guesswork and make the decision making a no brainer.

Options for drinking water supply

Because Singapore’s water supply is treated and safe to be consumed even directly from the tap, it is reliable for all to drink. However, as an employer, you may want to go a step further in the interest of employee wellness and offer enriched drinking water like alkaline water which has been widely researched to have multiple health benefits.

Here are 3 options for office drinking water supply that you can consider and choose from –

Water Barrel-based Office Dispenser

Water is dispensed from a water barrel that is mounted on top of a dispenser.

water delivery vanWhat is good about it –

  • Can be conveniently placed where needed as it doesn’t need a direct water supply.
  • Only requires a power source for the hot and cold option
  • Best for offices that do not have wet pantries

What is not so good –

  • Needs someone to replace the barrel every time its empty (and these barrels can be heavy!!!!)
  • Requires administrative hassle to oversee ordering and delivery of the water barrels once they run out
  • Needs storage area to store both the empty and pre ordered water barrels


Direct Piped Dispenser

Water is dispensed directly from the water source/ pipe, undergoes filtration in the canister and is readily available for the consumer

What is good about it –

  • Is hassle-free with minimal maintenance needs
  • High quality filtered water with uninterrupted water supply
  • Leaves less carbon footprint as water is not transported/stored in water barrels
  • Is small in size so is most suitable for small office spaces

What is not so good –

  • Dispenser must be placed near a water source and may require plumbing work
  • Not feasible if there’s no water source nearby
  • Pipe needs to be checked regularly for corrosion or wear and tear

Stainless Steel Watercooler

While stainless steel heavy duty watercoolers are commonly found in high traffic areas like Singapore’s Hospitals, Changi Airport Terminals, Staff Canteens, etc. They can also be installed for Offices where staff count is on the higher side

What is good about it –

  • Water is drawn directly from the office main water supply
  • Encourages employees to go green by bringing their own water bottles instead of using disposable cups

What is not so good –

  • Needs a direct water supply
  • Maybe bulky looking
  • Not suitable when both hot & cold water is required

Now that we are better informed about the types of office water supply available, lets ponder over the method for procuring it.  In Singapore, typically you can have the option of either buying or renting it.


Buying vs Renting a Water Dispenser

Buy a Water Dispenser


  • Company invests & owns an asset in a one-time capital expenditure
  • Regular maintenance and service contract


  • Upkeep servicing and contract records
  • More admin work required
  • In case of higher usage, wear & tear this entail maintenance hassle later on

Rent a Water Dispenser


  • Warranty, maintenance, servicing, replacement are all handled by the water company
  • Hassle free as the company carries out their maintenance checks regularly
  • Company doesn’t need to manage another asset or move in case of relocation


  • Cost may be slightly higher over the long run

Employee Wellness as Key Priority

Ensuring clean and healthy water supply to your employees makes sure that they are properly hydrated and thus remain more alert, productive and well prepared for the work day.  While normal tap water has a PH level of 7, alkaline water has a higher PH level which helps in countering the acidic levels in the body.  AOX Natural Alkaline Water bring health benefits on many of our body systems. Here are key health benefits of drinking alkaline water every day.

We at AOX Water have solutions that supply antioxidant alkalized water be it whatever dispenser or equipment you choose for your workplace.  Our friendly sales staff are at your service and just a call away!