Home Water Filtration System: Do you need one in Singapore?

Water filtration system

Water, one of the core essentials of living things besides air and food, constitutes as much as 60% of the average adult human body. The blood running in our blood vessels also consists of 90% water. For body systems to function optimally, a healthy sedentary adult needs to consume about 1.5 litres of water daily. Staying properly hydrated with safe, clean water gives an array of benefits ranging from improved physical performance to eliminating body waste effectively.

Given the bodily requirements and clear health benefits for water, how best should we then provide potable water for our daily needs?

In this blog post we’ll touch upon the options available for home drinking water and discuss the need for treated water within the context of Singapore’s water story.

Singapore’s Sources of Water

Currently, the domestic consumption of water in Singapore is 45% of the daily 430 million gallons of water demand. The other 55% is due to demand in the non-domestic sector. Singapore’s water supply comes from Four National Taps.

Singapore water sourcesThe Four National Taps are

  1. Water from Local Catchment – Singapore strives to collect every drop of rain water falling onto Singapore through our local catchment areas of 15 reservoirs that are found all over the island nation.
  2. Imported Water – Under the 1962 water agreement Singapore continues to draw water from Johor River at a specific rate until 2061
  3. NEWater – NEWater is ultra-clean, safe drinking water that is produced from treating and purifying used water in the five NEWater plants in Singapore. NEWater currently meets 40% of our water demand
  4. Desalinated Water – currently, the three desalination plants meets 30% of our water needs. Two more desalination plants will be ready by 2020

Our tap water is well within the World Health Organisation guidelines for drinking water and hence one can directly drink from the tap in Singapore.  This begs the question….Do we need a Filtration System in homes?

Why have a water filtration system at home

Although Singapore’s tap water is safe for drinking even for babies, households may still want to install water filters or boil water. The reasons for doing this are – surety of water purity, enriching water with minerals or simply an additional level of water disinfection.

So, what are the pros & cons of Boiled Water vs Filtered Water?

Boiled water

boiling water to disinfectWhat is good about it

  • Kills all the harmful bacteria/germs
  • Removes all the residual chlorine odour

What is not so good about it

  • Unable to get rid of contaminants like rust or heavy metals that may be present due to old water pipes
  • Hassle of boiling, cooling and storage

Filtered water

What is good about it

  • Able to get pure and safe water at finger tips
  • Options of hot and cold water readily available
  • Options of healthy alkaline water that are known to have health benefits

What is not so good about it

  • Additional cost incurred

Needless to say, the convenience of a Filtration System far outweighs the hassles of dealing with Boiled Water.

Types of Water Filtration Systems available for Home Owners

If you have decided to install a water filtration system for your home,  there are lot of options for you to choose from –

Faucet filters

water filter tapAttached to the water tap spout, these are activated carbon or micro-porous filters that trap impurities as water flows from the tap.


  • portable
  • easily available
  • inexpensive start up amount
  • can be used in rental homes too


  • can be used on only one faucet at a time,
  • water flow can get slower
  • replacing the water filter may be expensive in the long run

Counter Top Water Filters

table top modelAs the name suggests, these sit on the counter top and are connected to the faucet via a hose. These can include UV light source filtration, reverse osmosis systems or activated carbon filter.


  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used in rental homes
  • Removes upto 99.99% of harmful germs


  • Limited capacity for daily consumption
  • Slow to refill


Under Sink Water System

dispenser for kitchensThese are installed under the sink in line with the plumbing system. They use a combination of reverse osmosis, carbon filtration and ionization process to filter, purify and soften the water.


  • Neatly tucked away under the sink so is out of sight
  • Easier to maintain
  • Larger storage capacity or direct from piped source


  • Requires installation by a professional
  • More expensive
  • May not be acceptable in rental housing

The above options offer an healthier alternative to drinking direct tap water or boiled water. AOX Natural supplies the counter top, under sink water filtration systems and a range of water dispensers. Choose to install at home and ensure clean, healthy, antioxidant alkalised water for you and your loved ones. Call our friendly sales staff for a demonstration today.