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Why Alkaline Water is a good source for sports hydration and for raising athletic performance

Water replenishment after workoutAs more and more Singaporeans jump on the fitness wagon, keeping well hydrated is essential. Intense workouts coupled with our humid weather causes water loss. Though there are many different products available for hydrating oneself – sports drinks, electrolytes, etc Water can be one of the most effective means to replace fluid loss during and after exercise.

But the type of water you drink matters! What does this mean? Water is after all … water, you’d wonder.

In this post I will highlight the benefits of Alkaline Water as compared to normal tap water. Although there is no doubt that tap water in Singapore is safe for consumption, by drinking Alkaline Water we can reap other benefits. Read on to find out especially if you are an athlete or active sports person.

Water for Sports Hydration

There are many different types of water available a few common ones being –

  1. Tap water – safe and ready to drink in Singapore. Minimal mineral content. Fluoride added to prevent tooth decay.
  2. Mineral water – contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. Trendy to drink compared to tap water.
  3. Alkaline water – higher pH level neutralizes acids in blood and helps in absorption of nutrients.

Impact of Water Molecule size

Smaller size of alkalised water moleculesDid you know that the type of water you drink can actually help optimise your athletic performance and also improve your hydration status? This is due to the molecular structure of normal tap water as compared to Alkaline Water which can be obtained from Alkaline Water machines such as those at AOX.

The molecules cluster in normal tap water are much larger compared to those of treated water from AOX. Hence, tap water makes you feel fuller and bloated for a longer period of time. This reduces fluid intake and so the body is less hydrated. The body takes more energy and a longer time to break down the larger water molecules for absorption. AOX water molecules on the other hand are micro clustered, making them smaller and easily absorbed. This conserves energy which can be channelled for other activities such as sports.

Proper Hydration in Sports

raising athletic performanceFor an athlete or active sports person, it is crucial to stay well hydrated and to conserve as much energy as possible. As mentioned in this popular e-zine, intense exercise spurs the muscles to produce lactic acid which is acidic. As acidity increases, fatigue sets in. Drinking Alkaline Water balances the body’s pH level, making it less acidic and thus increases performance. Over time, the mineral content in AOX water can help retain more fluid in the cardiovascular system. This improves overall hydration status and fluid reserves for the sports person.

The micro clustered water delivers nutrients and oxygen more effectively. More water is consumed as the feeling of fullness is absent. Hydration in tissues and muscles increases and toxins are flushed out more effectively. Lactic acid in the muscles decreases and more oxygen is pumped in.

Since muscles are made primarily of water, keeping hydrated allows muscles to contract and relax properly, thus increasing muscle tone. Muscles cramps may also be prevented. Stamina is increased, soreness in muscles are reduced and recovery time is shortened. All this and more is achieved by drinking naturally treated Alkaline Water.

Wholesome Sports Nutrition

Besides enriching the body by drinking Alkaline Water, it is also important to eat right and have a balanced diet. Most athletes consume a high protein diet which includes meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products. These foods are highly acidic and should be complemented with alkaline rich foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Together with proper hydration during and after exercise, better performance and an efficient sports regime can be achieved. Cheers to active living!