AOX Compac 3T HANI
Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser

Natural Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser
Hot & Room Temperature

The AOX Compac Series is the latest innovation in the line of AOX dispensers as it is geared towards a minimalistic concept while retaining all the advantages of the AOX antioxidant alkaline water.

Add 3T HANI for hot & chill antioxidant alkaline water. Its unique triple temperature (15/70/85) system produces hot water good for coffee or tea, chilled water good for quenching thirst, warm water good for milk formula!

Add any of these 2 sleek stainless steel taps for room temperature antioxidant alkaline water. You have the option to either mount the SSF onto your table top, or choose the TT Tap for a movable option.

5-stage filtration process effectively turns ordinary tap water into antioxidant alkaline water, essentially bringing spring water similar to that of longevity villages into your homes.

  • Direct piping – no disruption in dispensing water
  • No water wastage
  • No harmful ionizing radiation
  • No risk of rusty electrode plates
  • AOX uses 100% natural bio-minerals
  • Independent lab-tested 99.99% Coliform Bacterial removal
  • SGS Lab, AVA, WHO, FDA and KFDA tested 100% safe

AOX Patented Filter System

F12-U: 1 Micron Sediment Carbon Block Filter
Filters sediments such as rust, particles, sand and lead in the water. It removes organic chemical substances such as chlorine, detergent, THM, pigment and carcinogens. Hence, it alone acts like a 2-Stage Sediment/Carbon filter. Foul smell is also eliminated, leaving fresh tasting water for your consumption.

F4-U: Post Activated Carbon Filter with KDF-55
Made of high-grade granulated activated carbon and KDF-55 for the elimination of algae and fungi, controlling bacteria growth. It also removes chlorine, pesticides and other organic compounds, eradicating unpleasant taste and odour.

F3-U: AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Minerals Filter
Makes the water alkaline and antioxidant in nature. It supplies essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and silica to promote healthy cells, bones, joints, organs and skin. Furthermore, it decreases the size of water molecule clusters with abundance of negative ions.

More than a natural antioxidant alkaline water dispenser!
World-first dispenser that generates healthy airborne negative ions

World-first dispenser with a built-in sensor to turn on the Blue LED light and generate more than 10 millions of Healthy Airborne Negative Ions.

“Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,” says Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain.

Dimension: W8.5 X D28 X H29 cm

Dimension: W26 X D30.5 X H35 cm
Net Weight: 4.3 kg
Voltage: 220 – 240V
Heating Power: 2165W
Total Rated Power: 2200w

SSF: H29.5 cm
TT 1S: H34.5 cm

Hot: 85 degrees
Warm: 70 degrees
Chilled: 15 degrees

Natural Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser
Hot & Room Temperature

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Natural Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser
Hot & Room Temperature

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Compac Series

AOX Compac TT
Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser

AOX Compac SSF
Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser

AOX Compac 3T HANI
Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser

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