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Alkaline Water is Good for the Health

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benefits of alkaline waterThinking of much healthier choices in your home or office? Then it would be a great idea to consider the benefits of Alkaline Water. This less acidic type of water has numerous advantages which can be great for those who’ll drink it in the long run. It’s a viable investment which has intangible returns. See how you can get healthier by considering this type of water today.


What is Alkaline Water?

Before learning about the benefits of Alkaline Water, it would be logical to know what it’s all about. This type of water is known to neutralize the body’s acidity. Typically, Alkaline Water is produced by running water through electrolysis. The latter term involves a machine which can split minerals and hydrogen from typical water. When the two components are split apart, the Alkaline Water will be used for drinking. The oxidized water may then be used for cleaning.

Did you know Alkaline water is known to be much richer in calcium, potassium, silica, bicarbonate, and magnesium? The benefits of Alkaline Water are quite a handful. You’ll also be glad to have invested on a machine, since its health effects will save you the heartaches and worries related to diseases.


Aids in Anti-Aging

Alkaline Water has the capacity to slow down your aging process. As you get older, your body will go through changes. Through time, you’ll find it a little more challenging to fight off diseases or ailments related to aging. With Alkaline Water, you can somehow turn back the clock since its Hydrogen-rich components can effectively counter sicknesses.

Your body’s acidity will be neutralized hence it will have a much more effective type of defense against air pollution, daily stresses, and unhealthy foods. Now you can say goodbye to free radicals or harmful environmental elements. With these functions, it’s also practical to see how Alkaline Water can also strengthen your immune system.


alkaline waterHelps You Lose Weight

Having troubles in keeping the extra pounds off your scale? One of the healthiest ways to lose weight is to drink Alkaline Water. With its ingredients and as you regularly drink it, your body will find there’s no need to increase its fat storage or deposits. Neutralized Acid does the trick, and Alkaline Water already has this. Instead of relying on your food’s fat deposits, Alkaline Water’s ability to neutralize your body’s acids will enable you to lose weight without having to consider harsh or demanding diet regimens.


An Effective Prevention from Diabetes

Did you know Alkaline Water can also aid in lessening the body’s sugar levels? Along with reduced acids, drinking Alkaline Water can actually bring down your sugar rates and it can almost make your sugar undetected. As a result, the other complications related to Diabetes may also be lessened. Combine Alkaline Water drinking with a healthy diet, and you’ll be able to achieve the ideal blood sugar levels.

There are many other benefits which you can gain by drinking Alkaline Water on a daily basis. See how else it can improve your health by speaking with a top machine provider today.

The secret of the longest living man

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The Guinness Book of Records in 1979 astonished the world by documenting the “oldest living man”, Shigechiyo Izumi, who at the time was 115 years of age. (He eventually lived to be 120 years old.) Furthermore, unlike many Centenarians, he had led a robust, productive life retiring from farming at the young age of 105! Shigechiyo captured the imagination of the world. He stimulated the interest of longevity scientist worldwide. Why did he live so long? Had he learned the secret of the “Fountain of Youth”? Could his secret be replicated to produce a blueprint for other to follow? The Japanese Ministry of Health dispatched an army of Japanese scientist to Okinawa to uncover the reasons for his unusual longevity. What they found stunned them! ImageThey discovered that there were hundreds of Okinawans on this tiny island living over 100 years of age! In fact, there were more than four times the number of Centenarians per capita there than any other Japanese island and certainly more than on the Japanese mainland. And to their amazement, they were active enjoying productive and mentally agile lives such as 97-year-old karate master Seikichi Uehara. (Pictured left) Japanese scientists poked and prodded and ran numerous tests on their Centenarian research group looking for causes of their unusual longevity. They found that these people died at a much lower rate than other Japanese from cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc. Here are some of their findings:

The Okinawans had impressively young, clean arteries, low cholesterol, virtually free of atherosclerotic plaque and low homocysteine as compared to westerners. These factors reduced their risk for coronary heart disease by 80%.
Okinawans also had an extremely low risk for hormone-dependent cancers including breast, prostate, ovaries, and colon. Compared to North Americans, they had 80% less breast and prostate cancer and less than 50% of the ovarian and colon cancer.
ImageOkinawans have about 20% fewer hip fractures than do mainland Japanese, and Japanese have about 40% fewer hip fractures than Americans.
Prevalence surveys suggest that the dementia rate is fairly low among the Okinawan elderly, compared to other elderly populations. Even into their late 90s, Okinawans suffered lower dementia rates than reported for comparable populations in the United States and elsewhere.
ImageIn an attempt to discover the cause of these incredible medical outcomes, the Ministry of Health scientists in what became known as the largest double-blind study evaluated factors considered to contribute to longevity such as; genetics, diet, exercise, caloric restriction, stress reduction and other lifestyle habits. The results showed little difference in their results compared to other Centenarians in other longevity studies. They were stumped at what caused them to live longer than other Centenarians! Then a Japanese scientist who had been studying the water of Japan and globally for 40 years came up with the solution. It was their water. Professor Emeritus, Jun Kobayashi at Okayama University discovered that the water in Okinawa was different than the water on the other islands. Image Unlike other islands which are formed as a result of a volcano, Okinawa is built on an ancient coral reef. Coral are marine invertebrates which absorb the 72 minerals of the ocean. Therefore, when it rains on the Okinawan islands, the water filters through the coral formation becoming infused with coral minerals eventually ending up in their water supply. The net result is that the water they drink, give to their animals and water their crops takes on properties not found on other islands. Their water, rich with highly absorbable ionic minerals, has a higher (alkaline) pH, becomes a super anti-oxidant and takes on the ideal molecular structure to quench thirsty cells. ImageIn the next post, I will share the findings of two Nobel Prize Laureates who support the benefits found by the Japanese Ministry of Health study. You will learn the medical principles behind minimizing the health risks of cancer, coronary heart disease, and dementia that the Okinawans enjoyed. And you will learn how coral minerals increase energy and decrease pain.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Alkaline Water is Always Better

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Are you considering much healthier alternatives to some of your habits? If so, then why not include your water drinking habits as part of your healthy routine. Drinking Alkaline Antioxidant Water would be a good addition to your lifestyle.

alkaline drinking waterHere are the top 5 benefits of Alkaline Water which you’ll surely want to add to your daily life:


It Balances Your Body’s pH Level


Did you know having too much acid in your body can actually be harmful to your health? Drinking coffee or alcohol, smoking, and taking soft drinks are just some of the factors which can increase your body’s acidic level. With too much acidity, you would be prone to sicknesses and diseases such as heart or liver failure, seizures or even cancer. This is where considering the benefits of Alkaline Water will be practical. Compared to regular water, Alkaline Water is infused with higher levels of oxygen. Hence it will be more effective when it comes to neutralizing the acidic levels of your body.

An Effective Antioxidant


Alkaline Water can also be effective in protecting your body from free radicals. These free radicals can be found in unhealthy environments, such as being in typical road traffic or even being exposed to chemicals from household products. With Alkaline Water, your body will have the capacity to defend itself from harmful substances.

Boosts Metabolism


Want to lose weight? While drinking healthy amounts of water has its share of weight-losing benefits, Alkaline Water can actively boost your metabolism. As your body’s pH level gets balanced, your bodily functions will be well regulated. As a result, your body will no longer find the need to create fat cells just to neutralize the acids from the food you take. The neutralizers will be coming from the oxygen-infused Alkaline Water, which in turn does not foster the creation of fat cells. If you’d like to lose weight in the most effective ways possible, Alkaline Water is surely the way to go.

Effective in Hydration


Compared to typical water, did you also know Alkaline Water has a much smaller molecular content? This means the latter will be much easier for the body to absorb. If you’d want to avoid diseases and especially fatigue, you can certainly benefit from the hydration capabilities of Alkaline Water. Being healthily hydrated lets your avoid urinary tract infections and even kidney stones. Staying hydrated also promotes skin elasticity, efficiency in the muscles, balancing of moods, improved memory function and so much more.

Fosters Healthy Circulation


Alkaline Water is also good for the heart, as it promotes healthy blood circulation. With well-supplied oxygen throughout the parts of your body, your vital organs will be fully maintained. Poor blood circulation actually puts you in a whole lot of risks such as muscle cramps, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids or even cardiovascular diseases.

Boosts the Immune System


Since Alkaline Water does a great job when it comes to getting rid of toxins from the body, it also has the capacity to boost the body’s immune system. It can additionally neutralize the free radicals from affecting the body. As mentioned, acidity can put a person at risk to various diseases. Acid additionally weakens the immune system, which is why its contents need to be neutralized in the body. Alkaline Water has more capabilities when it comes to cleansing toxins, excess acids and free radicals from your body.

There are many other reasons why it’s so much better to drink Alkaline Water. Give this habit a try and achieve your long-term health goals while doing so.


7 Tips for Pregnancy

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It takes about 55,000 extra calories to make a healthy baby. That might seem like a lot, but it’s only 300 extra calories a day (the equivalent of a glass of low-fat milk, a slice of bread and an apple), and that’s only in the last two trimesters. Calorie needs don’t budge an inch in the first trimester when your baby grows no longer than a green bean.

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