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The son of a provision shop owner, a former student in shipbuilding studies, our Founder/CEO, Mr Jeffrey Tan, said he was fortunate to have graduated at the time when the maritime sector was in the doldrums. He ended up switching his energy to IT, then found himself also getting into the business of supplying filtered water dispensers to corporate and household clients. His fascination with water got him to experiment with natural antioxidant alkaline water that led him to design his own filters infused with minerals he bought from South Korea. Later, he learned Dark Field Microscopy from a renowned German doctor that showed how this form of water could rid red blood cells of toxins and free radicals. Through this, he found the key to differentiating AOX natural filtered product from those of its competitors; which he was able to demonstrate its health benefits through blood sample tests before and after consuming AOX water. AOX received the top honour in Emerging Award category at the SME One Asia Awards, amongst many other prestigious awards between upon AOX.

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