A Note From Our Founder/CEO

There are so many good brands of alkaline water dispenser in the market, why should I choose AOX?

AOX is more than an Antioxidants Alkaline Water Dispenser. It purifies the source water by removing sediments and cancer-causing substances. With its patented technology, it eliminates 99.99% of the Coliform bacteria thus makes it safe to drink without boiling. Unlike an Alkaline Ionizer, AOX infuses natural minerals (tested by Health Science Authority) to the water to produce natural antioxidants alkaline water that can be used with medication, suitable for infants, elderly folks and pets as well. We are proud to be the chosen brand used in Istana President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office, 3 Hospitals and 4 Cancer Societies.

Our AOX’s DNA is to strive for the highest professional standards in our work and aim to be the best in everything we do. We are blessed to have won numerous prestigious awards over the past 9 years. AOX believes in continuous innovation. In 2015, our innovative movable TT Tap won the Singapore Good Design Award. Over the years, we understand the need to make our AOX smaller to free up the kitchen top space. We went back to the drawing board to redesign our AOX dispensers and gave birth to another Singapore Good Design Award, the AOX Compac Series in 2018.

If you are reading this note, I am sure you are spending time researching for a good alkaline water dispenser for your family. One question that many are asking is “How do I know which brand of alkaline water system benefits my health?” What if I tell you that you can witness the improvement in your health with your own eyes? You definitely can! Click on this video link to find out more! Getting an AOX is not the end, but the beginning of gaining better health for you and your family.

In AOX, our common purpose is “Putting customer well-being at the heart of all we do”. That is why, we have appointed 3 doctors as our board of medical advisors. When you come onboard with AOX, you will enjoy medical advice from our appointed doctors.

Last, but not least, the reason for choosing AOX is that we are “Voted No 1 Brand in Singapore by Influential Brands Award” and we are CASETRUST accredited. We are thankful to all our AOX supporters for putting their faith in us. We are honoured to receive good ratings in our Facebook Reviews. This motivates us to strive harder. Some of the common comments in the reviews are “a caring company”, “decline sick rates”, “improve health conditions”, “knowledgeable, professional & patient staff”, “no pressure selling”, “good installation works”, “excellent support”, “honest presentation” etc.

You can surely now begin your journey with AOX with a peace of mind!

Multi-Award Winning Brand