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Naturally, the Most Effective Antioxidant Alkaline Water

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Dr. Eddy Betterman

Dr Eddy Betterman
German Medical Doctor

“Dr Eddy Betterman recommends AOX”

Jeffrey Tan

Jeffrey Tan
Founder & CEO

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Sherry Tan

Sherry Tan
International Artiste

“My family loves AOX”

Dr Charles Loo
Chiropractic Doctor

“Drink AOX for strong and healthy bones”

Why Get AOX?

AOX alkaline waters are completely natural and possesses all the goodness of alkaline waters but none of the disadvantages of alkaline water made from ionizers.

Traditional water ionizers use electricity to produce artificial alkaline water by passing a current through the water – this process generates acidic waste and emits harmful radiation. In contrast, when you choose AOX which uses natural means to make alkaline water, it helps to counteract the effects of an acidic diet and environmental pollutants. Make the right choice today. Choose AOX!

Be Refreshed, Replenished and Rejuvenated today with AOX

AOX refreshes your mind, replenish your strength and rejuvenate your body effectively through its unique antioxidant alkaline properties. Below are four reasons why AOX has become a must have in many Singaporean households:

1. AOX water molecules comes in smaller water clusters. This allows your body to hydrate more efficiently than drinking normal water. It also boosts your body’s absorption rate of nutrients and essential minerals, effectively replenishes your body with water and energy.

2. AOX natural alkaline waters is capable of restoring the pH balance in your body and flushing acidic metabolites and toxins in the cellular level, effectively refreshes your body.

3. AOX infuses your water with health-sustaining minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium to promote healthy cells, bones, organs and skin. Silica, a unique feature of AOX filters, is added to help boost the health of your hair, joints and teeth (Presence of minerals has been tested by HSA Singapore.) effectively rejuvenating your body.

4. AOX filters remove dust, sand, rust and other forms of sediments in your drinking system. AOX removes harmful chemicals and cancer causing substances such as chlorine, THM, pesticides and carcinogens. It also eradicates odour, making the final product smell and taste great! This effectively protects you and your family.

Let’s Get Started With AOX!

• Do you find yourself lacking the energy you once had?
• Do you suffer from headaches, fatigue, niggling health problems, unexplained aches and pains, poor digestion, constipation or skin problems?
• Are you aware that your diet isn’t as good as it should be? Have you been hitting the junk food, the bottle or a packet of cigarettes more often than you should?
• Have you been putting on weight around your tummy and can’t get into pants that fitted you perfectly in the past?
• Are you currently on long-term medication or courses of antibiotics?
• Are you aware that you are overusing chemicals for cleaning your home, personal hygiene or even washing your clothes?
• Do you breathe in a lot fumes from traffic?
• Is the area you live in polluted?
• Is water low on your list of favorite regular drinks?
• Do you drink enough water?

Any of these are compelling reasons why you need AOX

Today, we are constantly bombarded by toxins in our daily life and it’s not surprising that they began to impact our general health. Our organs such as the liver, lungs, digestive system, skin and kidneys are all affected, adversely limiting their functions in the removal of such toxins. With our systems compromised, toxins begins to build up and our bodies struggle to maintain balance. The result? Health problems, lack of energy, weight issues and a sluggish, stagnant system that affects our well-being on every level.

Considering that 70% of an average person’s weight is liquid, it is all the more important to keep well hydrated at all times.

However, it’s not enough to simply drink straight from the tap as it might contain chemicals such as chlorine, which are carcinogens or which causes cancer. Drink water from AOX water dispenser instead. By drinking naturally filtered and augmented water in your day-to-day life, you will benefit from improved overall health, as AOX tackles important issues such as acidity, dehydration and premature ageing of the body.

The AOX Promise

Drinking AOX

Blood cells are clustered and damaged by free radicals

blood-before blood-after

Drinking AOX

Blood cells are separated and restored

Chosen Brand by Medical Centres


Medical Centres have Chosen AOX

#1 Natural Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser

  • Novena Medical Centre Pte Ltd
  • Thomson Medical Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Family Clinic & Surgery
  • Thomson Dental Centre Pte Ltd
  • Silver Cross Family Clinic Medical Group
  • Healthway Medical Group
  • Family Health Chiropractic Clinic
  • Econ Healthcare Pte Ltd
  • Hosanna Medical Centre
  • Peace Medical Clinic
  • Light Chiropractic Pte Ltd

Natural Antioxidants in Every Drop


Defies Aging


Improves Metabolism


Improves Immune System


Improves Blood Circulation


Removes Toxin Effectively


Reduces Body Fat

Multi-Award Winning Brand